Die Cut Aluminium Lids

Die cut aluminium foil lids are made of aluminium foil with a thickness of 0.030 to 0.050 mm, with a variety of sealing lacquers or sealing film to guarantee optimal and hermetic sealing on to polypropylene(PP), polystyrene(PS) and polyethylene thermoformed or injected containers.


Primer/Ink/Aluminum Foil/Heat seal lacquer

Die Cut Aluminium Lids


  1. Good sealing strength, with flat and tight sealing.
  2. Excellent barrier properties.
  3. Vivid and bright color printing.0--10 color printing.
  4. More than 100 sizes & shapes of the cutting molds
  5. Custom size and shape die-cut lids are also available.

Typical Applications

  • Yoghurt; Pure Milk; Creams; Cheeses; Margarine; Desserts
  • Spread; Dry food; Snacks; Salads; Juice
  • water; Coffee; Sauces; etc